LCC Series 2 Governors

The Ideal Small Turbine Governor

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Lovejoy Control's new SERIES 2 GOVERNOR line answers the increasing demand for a modern, modular, small turbine digital governor system at reasonable cost.

The Series 2 system includes all of the features routinely required for an electronic governor and adds modular options to include EHC components, Exlar valve actuators, PLC/DCS Interfaces, Operator Control Stations, and custom I/O if necessary. By specifying only those options needed, an economical but perfectly suited controls upgrade can be realized.

Standard Electronics Package Features

Turbine applications covered include:

  • Generation Steam Turbine with Throttle and Governor Valves with and without Extraction Valves, including control configurations of:

  • Mechanical Drive Feewater Pump Turbine control configurations of:


    The Series 2 Governor enclosure can be a stainless steel thermally insullated case with optional top-mounted Thermoelectric Cooling Modules (Peltier Method) and a purged and nitrogen-pressurized internal environment. The result is an enclosure that does not need a controlled-environment room nor cabinet, and can be mounted at the turbine rail to minimize installation costs. The governor enclosures are also impervious to airborn contaminants and oxidizing agents so capable of corroding and prematurely failing electronic assemblies. (In applications where controlled environment mounting areas are readily available, the thermoelectric coolers and nitrogen purging can be deleted.)

    The Series 2 Governor is housed in an enclosed assembly "bootbox"(11.5" x 14" x 6") which may be installed and field terminated using several packaging options. (Series 2A versions implement surface-mount technology and have a smaller "shoebox" sized package.)

    The Series 2 Governor can also be an open frame 19" rack mount style package. The unit can be fit into existing plant cabinets, or fit into a cabinet that LCC provides. A termination panel may be required depending on the I/O requirements of the system.

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    Governor Electronics Block Diagram


    The LAT (Local Access Terminal) Port of the Series 2 and 2A Governor provides an RS-232 ModBUS RTU-protocol data exchange with an external laptop PC acting as the LAT and operating the LCC Windows-based Configuration Program providing the following features and advanced capabilities:


    Series 2 I/O Options Summary Diagram

    Series 2 Packaging Options Summary Diagram

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